Enterprise services

In addition to offering Business English classes, at Tyndale's English Centre we also offer a variety of corporate services. These services include:

Proofreading content

We'll double check any content you produce in English to make sure it is correct and written in an appropriate tone and style so as to avoid inadvertently offending your international partners or causing misunderstanding.

Translation of your outgoing communications

We'll ensure that the information you send out to your international partners (e.g., letters, emails, faxes, reports, memos, etc.) is correctly translated.

Website localisation and translation into English

If you have far-reaching aspirations and your website is still only in German then maybe it's time to have an English version of your website for international visitors?

Development of specialised courses

We'll create a custom English language course according to the demands of your industry (e.g., tourism, information technology, etc.)

Seminar room / Conference room

If you need a conference room or meeting room, come talk to us.


Contact us now and learn more about out how Tyndale's English Centre can help you with your company's English language needs.

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