Learn English in Heidenheim

So, you want to learn English in the Heidenheim area? Well, you've made the right decision. Heidenheim an der Brenz is a great place to learn English. Heidenheim is the home of Tyndale's English Centre (TEC) – a language school located in the heart of Heidenheim (near the pedestrian zone). We're the first place to consider for all your English language learning needs.

Hellenstein castle

TEC is all about English. We cater exclusively to that beautiful language that has come to dominate science, education, entertainment, commerce, and trade. If you're looking for a great place where you can start learning from scratch or you just want to improve the knowledge you already have then come to Tyndale's English Centre. Our goal is to help good students find great teachers. We'll connect you to qualified, certified teachers who will dedicate themselves to just one purpose – improving your English.

Heidenheim's city centre

What are the advantages of learning English at TEC?

  • You don't have to know any English to start. You'll leave class the first day already being able to have a simple conversation in English.

  • We'll show you how you can polish and refine the knowledge you already have even if you already speak the language competently. You're almost sounding like a native speaker; why stop short?

  • Friendly, knowledgable, and motivated teachers.

  • It's in Heidenheim's city centre. It's near Schloss Arkaden. It's just a little distance away from the town hall. We're almost next door to the Heidenheim community college. We're even a stone's throw away from Hartmann and Voith.

  • We teach the young and the old. If you're 10 years or older, we'll teach you.

  • Knowing English well makes you more marketable and gives you greater prospects for career advancement.

  • Learning a foreign language keeps your mind active, sharp, and fresh.

  • We cover a wide range of English learning needs:

    • private tutoring for those who want to learn one-on-one with just the teacher.

    • learning in small groups (mini-groups).

    • learning in larger groups (courses).

    • intensive courses for those who want to achieve their learning goals rapidly.

    • refresher courses for those who learned English previously but have started to forget a few important things.

    • conversation classes for those who want to concentrate on listening and speaking skills exclusively.

    • examination preparation classes for those who want to obtain certificates to have proof of their command of the language.

    • English for high schools and for secondary, advanced secondary, vocational, and technical schools so that you can ace your final exams or A-levels.

    • English for companies, corporations, and enterprises (business English, financial English, and technical English). We're ready to train your employees and staff so that they'll never be embarrassed to use their English anywhere in the corporate world.

    • English for tourists, holidaymakers, and travellers who are going on vacation or holiday.

What are you waiting for? Contact us at Tyndale's English Centre now and take the decision that will empower you. Learning English will give you deep personal satisfaction and will add value to your professional abilities. Learn English at Tyndale's English Centre.