Who offers an affordable English class?

Business card: Tyndale's English Centre

Affordable English class in Heidenheim and environs (Giengen, Herbrechtingen, Nattheim, Steinheim, Schnaitheim, Königsbronn, etc.)

We at Tyndale's English Centre offer English classes at unbeatable prices. Our prices are affordable and in accordance with prices for language services in the area. At Tyndale's English Centre, the price is low and the quality of service high.

Does it make sense to learn English?

Yes, without a doubt. If you can't speak English competently, you're doing yourself a disservice. For those who like to travel, you'll hardly find people abroad who can speak German (well). In the working world, it's difficult to get ahead without competence in English. Spending a little on English now is a great investment for the future.

How affordable is an English class / lesson at Tyndale's English Centre?

Our specials vary from time to time but what remains constant is our commitment to providing you with affordable English lessons. Contact us now to find out what our current special rates are.